Breakfast Burrito

For the record, I have never been on team burrito. The tortilla to filling ratio has always bothered me and watching office drones line up to buy and eat these sadness wraps before rushing back to the office is acutely depressing. 

Despite all this, one night at home, my wife Lauren wanted one so I made them and they ended up being delicious to me in a dirty sort of way. 

Hard cooked scrambled eggs, pinto beans fried with jalapeños, bacon, chorizo, grated cheese and rice that was made with one those packets that makes everything orange…This was all wrapped up in a flour tortilla and served with a side of warm tomato salsa enriched with Valentina hot sauce and pigs foot stock.

We made them small which I love because it takes it all into the realm of a noncommittal snack. 

We ate them late night with some tequila and it felt good so I decided to put these breakfast burritos on the menu at Al Pastor where we have zero intention of ever actually opening for breakfast.