Bay Scallops and Sea Scallops with Aji Dulce Dressing

Local bay scallops are in season. They are small and sweet and we love having them on our menu until they are all gone. We thought it would interesting to juxtapose them with their macro sea scallop brethren in this composed ceviche inspired composition. In much of South America, ceviche can be fast food fodder much the same way burgers are for us up north. It's not odd to see ketchup and mayonnaise packets served with it in much the same way. 

Here we take sea scallops and gently poach them. The scallops are sliced and punched into neat little discs using a ring cutter and arranged on a plate. The poached scallop scraps are minced, dressed with mayonnaise and formed into a quenelle. Celery, cucumber and raw bay scallops are arranged on the plate along with a sweet onion puree. 

Next, we make a leche de tigre of sorts and stain it pink with aji dulce chile and ketchup. This is used to dress the dish at the table. 

The result is a restaurant composition that retains some street food dna and credibility.