Empellón Taqueria (Waterline Square & West Village)

Empellón Taqueria (Waterline Square & West Village) Crunchy Oxtail Tacos

Available 01/24 – 01/30

Enjoy at our Waterline Square and West Village locations.

This week’s #TacoTuesday special is inspired by Jamaican meat patties.

Oxtails are blanched, rinsed, and simmered in water without any salt. After 12 hours, they are tender and have surrendered all of their gelatin and fat. Separately, scallions, white onion, garlic, aji dulce, guajillo, smoked paprika, thyme leaves, allspice, sugar, and salt get cooked together. We then add the oxtail meat to the aromatics along with that super gelatinous oxtail broth, and continue to cook it until it becomes dense and tight.

The oxtail mixture is loaded into flour tortillas. Rather than rolling them like you would for a flauta, we fold them over, pin the edges together, and fry them. Finally we paint the exterior of these tacos with rendered bone marrow fat infused with turmeric and curry. They come with a side of habanero guacachile.

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