Re: "Empellón’s New Fajitas Are Made With Super-High-Grade Japanese Beef — Are They Worth $125?"

A note from Chef Alex about Grubstreet's article on Empellón:

Dear @plattypants,
Although I appreciate you coming to my new restaurant I'm a bit frustrated because you clearly are missing the point of why I did all of this. Please do not assume and then make statements that I have created some sort of model that is to be replicated because it's factually untrue.
Please fact check and ask questions. There are supposed to be rules to this game.
At 125 bucks this dish is a financial loser for me and the only reason I created it was to give this neighborhood the genuine article at a bargain price. At any other restaurant this would be twice the price. I know this because it's my responsibility to research actual data. By the way that's supposed to be a writers responsibility as well.