Black Cod with Potato-Chorizo Vinaigrette

Potatoes that have been fried in crumbly rendered chorizo, loaded into a tortilla, and splashed with salsa verde makes for a very awesome and very satisfying taco. That is the initial point of inspiration for this dish.

We took the classic potato-chorizo combination and distilled it into a simple broken vinaigrette. In counter intuitive fashion, we chose to manipulate the potato into the acid phase of the vinaigrette. Potatoes are first cooked at 70 degrees C and chilled in order to pre-gelatinize their starch. They are then cooked again until fall apart tender in vinegar and blended smooth. 

For the oil phase of the vinaigrette, we took good olive oil and infused it with all the spices that would normally go into our chorizo.

Now a vinaigrette needs to dress something, so we used simple mind mapping to figure out what that would be.

Our chorizo takes cues from Mexican cooks, but chorizo in general has Spanish roots which made us consider cod as a pairing. Being from New England, I was weened on cod and have always found its flavor to be insipid so from here we jumped to black cod. Black cod is rich and oily and takes well to smoking. Smoked black cod is marketed as sable fish in NYC appetizing shops and given that NYC is our home we decided that this was the right move.

Smoked black cod is sliced like sashimi. Half of it is garnished with pickled potatoes, chorizo spices, and chorizo mayonnaise. The other half gets some salsa verde, onion and cilantro. A squeeze of lime is applied to all the slices and our potato-chorizo vinaigrette acts as a condiment for all of it.