Empellon Cocina is a Mexican-inspired restaurant in NYC's East Village, offering a la carte, prix-fixe, and tasting menu dining experiences.


Acknowledging that creativity must come from inspiration, Empellón Cocina sees the vast greatness of Mexican foodways as our portal. In our kitchen, we reach for ingredients like hoja santa leaf and Mexican chorizo both because they inspire us and, quite simply, because they are good. Born out of a heartfelt fascination with this country and its regional cuisines, Empellón Cocina strives not to imitate or replicate, but rather to draw upon with an appropriate amount of respect, humility, and awe.

Like so many chefs that have tinkered, tweaked, and challenged their chosen cooking discipline in New York City, we embrace that spirit of freedom as we think through and toil over dishes that interest and excite us. We believe a restaurant should be allowed to change its mind every step of the way, and as such our approach is continuously evolving and deeply personal.